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Kunming FRAUD

artist (12 posts) • 0

Hi everybody! 10 months since my last post here & sad to see they are still in action:( Wanted to tell you about how I have dealt with it. Felt a need to do something constructive & positive since dealing with the chinese, police/autoritize seems usless. I have had 2 art shows called IF YOU CAN PROVIDE. One performance and one with my art supposed to go to Wuhan Construction company. In the shows I have revealed mails, photos etc. and told my story a 100 times, and also about all the rest (you guys) they have scammed! Letting the word out! The feedback & new ideas on have to take this further has been great. This is in Stockholm, Sweden, and plans on taking it abroad exists:)

luka12 (1 post) • 0

Hi! i am wondering what do you think abou company called kunming DIQI imprt-export.Is there anything i should know about them

Jules12 (19 posts) • 0

Ask for registration number. Verify the number contact the Chinese Embassy in your country.Try to call them or let someone call them.

Designer (3 posts) • 0

Hello I have been approached by a Mr. Liu Ming of Wuhan Construction Engineering to do the interior design for 12 villas. He is using this email address [email protected]
His business address is 368 Jinhuapu Road in Kunming Do you all have any experience with this person? He has requested we go to China to sign contract for the work but is not willing to pay for our flights to go there till after we sign the contract.

MandM (6 posts) • +3

Red flags here. There are umpteen local design companies more than capable of doing 12 villas. This could all be done remotely as well. The cost of making the visit, even if you think it is genuine, is outweighed by the risks of not getting the contract.

A usual practice here, if there is no cost to the client, is have a beauty contest, for as many companies as possible that you can persuade to submit a design. One where all 'bidders' submit concept designs, and the client just picks the ideas that they like, and give the work to someone cheaper locally. Unethical? Yes. Common practice? Yes.
Also, if there is a company Wuhan Construction Engineering, they will have a web address and emails that end with .cn and not

The very least you could do is find a website for Wuhan Construction Engineering and email them about Mr Liu's bona fides.
But like I said, it is not worth the risk, and even if genuine, and you do win this contract, it is unlikely that this will lead to other work in the Chinese market. The other thing to consider is that Chinese design tastes are different to Western, the main thing lacking here is functionality. Form outweighs function, they may just want to poach a few functional ideas from the whole design.

artist (12 posts) • +3

@Designer: It`s a scam! Same people, business adr and company name as the ones I dealt with. No question about it

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