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Transit visa

flyer90 (7 posts) • 0

Does anyone here know how the Kunming Int'l airport transit visa works? I've got folks coming in December and they want to find out.

They arrive from Chiang Mai and leave Kunming on a flight bound for the US (with one stop over in Shanghai) within 72 hours. This would qualify for the transit visa correct?

Any suggestions, help or a reliable website detailing the process would be much appreciated, I haven't been able to find much so far. Thanks!

YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

I asked the Visa Police lady at the airport last week. She said that you needed to arrive from one country and leave to a third country,,but not sure if they will let you out of Shanghai, rather than Kunming. If they do their exit procedures in Kunming then should be OK you better check on that.

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

If you made a search and haven't been able to find much (either authorities not updating info or info is still applicaple from time of publication), try to make another search for the address and phone number of the immigration dept of Changshui or of the PSB and ask them directly if your friends qualify with the type of ticket they've got, what documents are required, if they can travel around Yunnan (in case they want to go outside of Kunming), and if they need to register at the police station within 24 hours.

gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

>>"This would qualify for the transit visa correct?"

Unfortunately, I don't think your friends will be able to make two stops inside China under the provisions of the Visa-Free Transit regulations.

Kunming alone or Shanghai alone would be OK.

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