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Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

Liumingke1234 (2863 posts) • +1

Isn't it cheaper to stay single and just get a one year visa attending a language school here? Divorce can be pretty expensive if you're stuck in a bad marriage. Thankfully most of us that posted on this thread are happily married. Me included. :-).

Haali (1099 posts) • +1

ah that's quite true Tiger, a good wife helps keeps a man in good health. But so does a good cohabiting girlfriend, and I guess that's my point - marriage is becoming redundant, at least in some countries.

tigertiger (4721 posts) • +1

Co-habiting works, short term. However, long term, if you are different nationalities and one of you needs (or will need at some stage) a visa, is a problem.

dolphin (264 posts) • -1

> Being married gives you more legal rights.

But that's unfair to people who stay single. If an expat works in Hong Kong 7 years, they get an I.D. card (I believe). Just working in a country long enough should entitle you to legal benefits.

But the system is unfair and leads many people to abuse marriage to get legal status.

dolphin (264 posts) • -1

> Men gain nothing from marriage except social acceptance.

The problem is that many people are not able to cultivate deep relationships with their partners.

But anyway, for having kids marriage seems to me necessary. Or co-habitation. But if there are "legal benefits" involved, then take advantage of them and get the state to approve your union. We need those visas and green cards, don't we?

bubblyian (10 posts) • 0

Western men need to remember that marrying a Chinese woman and living in China does NOT avoid the institutionally anti-male western punishment of divorce laws. The woman can use 'divorce tourism' to travel to your country and divorce you there to take advantage of the horrendously unfair and anti-male divorce laws.

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