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Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

dolphin (270 posts) • -1

What's that line from the rolling stones song? She make a dead man <> ?

> Fashion today is heavily influenced by reality TV and the media.

Good point!

Stratocaster (159 posts) • -1

Reality TV is media. Stones' recordings are media. GoK is media. When wasn't fashion heavily influence by "the media"? The term is often being abused to reflect some paranoid belief in a powerful, secretive, subversive group of conspirators.

michael2015 (572 posts) • 0

Taking the title of this original oped at face value (as opposed to the clarification offered by the op), I had a former US marine buddy (gunny for those that care), who would merely comment, "Great - less competition - more for me."

Stratocaster (159 posts) • 0

@michael2015 Right on!

In the U.S. my first Chinese wife was a relatively rare and exotic catch. Here in China, if my beloved ever chose to leave me, it would not be hard to find an even younger replacement. I hope that never happens, but it's a nice kind of insurance policy to have!

vicar (746 posts) • +1

Lets just hope your wife isn't thinking along the same lines. Plenty of bigger, richer men out there...As for the imsurance policy, it won't last forever.

Spartans (175 posts) • 0

Michael, seriously, a chinese (or any) woman keeping up for a year with a poor guy? Was it sarcasm or you don't know the meaning of hypergamy?
I was just telling my friend, yes women in Asia are more feminine, but much MORE materialistic as well.

michael2015 (572 posts) • +1

I didn't know the meaning of hypergamy. Had to look it up. Historically, I'd guess this was generally (?) the culture of China before women became emancipated, so there's still a little of that carry over.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with materialism in moderation. I would think most women and most men would enjoy a certain sense of material security.

That way - we can fight about other stuff, besides money.

The solution to a problem always presents a new problem.

I know a certain expat in Yunnan who's pushing 70yo and still somehow manages to date 20-something year olds. What's even more peeving, they approach him! Personally, I hate him, as jealousy and envy is a terrible terrible thing.

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