Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

dolphin (270 posts) • -4
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Oh ... yeah... traditional values.
I went back home and I was sitting at Starbucks. I must be getting really old ... and haven't been back in a while ... but like half the girls were wearing extremely tight black tights ... like what are they? Lulumon yoga pants or something?

But many of them sitting there with their boyfriends .... wearing these tights ... and I though to myself Western girls should take a page of the Muslim women's books and just cover up a bit more in public places .... if you dress like a sl*t and have a bf with you, it makes no sense. It's crass and disgusting.

I like how Muslim women respect the men they are with and dress conservatively. Not saying I like everything about any religion, but that part they got right. Not talking about the veil, but the conservative attire.

Stratocaster (159 posts) • +1

Is there anything more lovely than a slender Chinese woman in a tight fitting traditional silk QiPao? (Think actress Gong Li in the film Raise the Red Lantern)

Liumingke1234 (2904 posts) • -1

I'm originally from New York City and the guys there always give

cat calls to the ladies with tight fitting clothes. Especially the pretty ones with big T&A. Some even dispect the women even when they are with their BF or husbands.

So glad I'm no longer living there. I think ladies need to cover up a liitle more these days.

My wife is old fashion and I like that about her among other things.

Thank God here the guys don't do that.

michael2015 (572 posts) • -1

Fashion today is heavily influenced by reality TV and the media. The form fitting pants you're seeing, typically yoga pants or some derivative.

I grew up in southern california - so it's not unusual to see braless, bikini tops, halter tops, hot pants/shorts, and generally oodles of flesh around the beach areas.

This of course, would drive anyone from say the ultra-conservative middle east into a porn-like frenzy with associated aberrant behavior, as the EU is currently experiencing with their refugees - liberal one-dimensional policies meet reality, but that's for another nasty soapbox rant, best left alone.

More an issue of local culture than dressing provocatively - although that's the general intent. When I first visited Tokyo over 20 years ago, in the middle of a typically cold winter - the girls were wearing hotpants & sheer stockings - with seasonable snow on the ground, and long fashionable coats - form over function.

So (apologies in advance to those oversaturated with USA internet diarrhea) - west coast USA beach culture - scantily clad, low on make-up. East Coast - more fashionably (debatable) clad - and heavy on the makeup...generally speaking. Mid west farm belt - generally and stereotypically, normal people.

Hotwater (201 posts) • +2

Bloody hell there’s some misogynistic old farts here! Slinky Chinese women in qipaos? Attractive western women with boyfriends should dress like salafist Muslims?

And what the fuck are “traditional women with traditional values”?

Geezer (1863 posts) • 0

I fail to see the "liberal one-dimensional policies meet reality" point. That seems to be the reverse of what is happening in Europe. It is more the one dimensional cultural/religious intolerant preferences of certain refugee groups is clashing with the more relaxed, less restrictive, nature of Western cultures.

I can't get to buying into the idea that a woman can, or should, be harassed or raped because of the clothes she wears or any other reason.

Nearly 15 years ago, I was teaching in Beijing when spring came and the heavy coats were cast off. As Accounting classes were about 75% female students it was shocking see about half of these young ladies in tights or leggings so tight they appeared to be little more than a coat of paint.

After about two weeks, rules were changed, or applied, and brief mini skirts were used to add some modesty to critical anatomical areas. China remained chaste.

BTW, designers of American casual wear for young women look to China for trends and new styles. As the Controller for a company that designed and imported from China, I was impressed with the time and money the designers spent in China traveling and photographing Chinese coeds. The results were unbelievably successful and profitable.

Frankly, I am not interested in living in a religiously dictated world and women's dress codes are the least of my concerns.

michael2015 (572 posts) • -2

That was then point - they've been engaged in ideological religious civil wars for millennia. Transporting that melting pot of prejudices into your neighborhood without consideration of the diversities - will now be a multi-generational spanning taxpayer and social welfare headache.

Germans will be cursing Merkel for centuries to come.

As for molestation - never a good idea, although in today's #metoo society - seems propositioning is now considered assault and harassment.

Crazy world...full of crazy people.

Stratocaster (159 posts) • +1

Hold on a minute, @Hotwater! How on earth do you equate admiring the lovelinesss of a Chinese woman in a QiPao with mysogyny? That sure is some kind of twisted thinking!

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