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Decent bars

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

party like it's 1999!
or ... 2011.
or ... like it's the year before the actual end of the world.

lawlz0mg (201 posts) • 0

I enjoy Chapter One, its a good place to relax in the afternoon to evening.

latataille (118 posts) • 0

MUST it only be a foreign, Western bar? Or, are you willing to try a local Chinese bar?

kevlar (42 posts) • 0

Perhaps instead of chastising, you can recommend a good local Chinese bar, latataille! I'd be interested in finding a good bar where I could meet locals (but not really into the Kundu scene)

latataille (118 posts) • 0

kevlar, start out with the Shelter, which is mostly Chinese. Then if you like it, I can recommend some other good Chinese bars. But be aware that in Chinese bars, protocol implies that you do not go alone.

latataille (118 posts) • 0

kevlar lol you can certainly go alone, but my point is that you will be the only person alone, and there will likely NOT be a bar where you can sit: there will more likely be tables where groups sit.

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

We better not go to any 'local Chinese bars', lest we pollute them with our wicked western ways

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