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Installing a water heater

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I can recommend B&Q. They are not the cheapest, but we found that the cheaper are often far from good.

You can get cheaper from smaller independent traders, however these guys usually leave you high and dry if there is a problem and often they will cheat you one way or another.
B&Q will guarantee the quality of the goods and workmanship. There is a trade card, but I had one and it is a pain in the butt to use as when you get to the checkouts, the procedure to use it is not straight forward. B&Q will also allow you to return goods, no question asked, within 30 days.

We have just decorated, and every time we tried to save money it cost us more. And some of the cheaper stuff had to be totally replaced. Cost, damage and inconvenience.

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

is there anything I can do if the water pressure is not good enough? i get good pressure in the kitchen and bathroom sink but not in the shower...

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Low pressure could be because the shower head is bogged up. Remove the shower head and see if you have good pressure from just the hose. If so change the shower head. You can buy cheap ones for less than 20rmb in supermarkets. It is not worth trying to clean them usually.

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

Do you get pressure without the shower head on? Are all the valves fully open?

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If you lower the shower head to the same height as the sink, are you getting the same pressure as the sink tap appears to get?

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

i get good pressure from sink and kitchen sink but not from the shower. actually, the shower has 2 heads (a big round one over the head and a smaller one that can be regulated higher or lower). those both get an extremely low pressure. but there's a third tap (lower) and that works fine..so maybe it's the shower?! what can I do? its brand new so I doubt its bogged up

sbarella (105 posts) • 0

not much difference if i turn the temp down. It's connected to solar power, since we haven't bought a water heater yet. any ideas about how it can be improved?thanks!

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