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Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

Leave it up to Crazylaowai/tommann/ mmkumingteacher/latataille/Matt give a very simple one-size-fits-all solution to a life changing decision. Does show the type of sophisticated thinking he is capable of.

Matt reminds me a Jon Stewart joke a while back. The only way to get republicans to believe in man made climate change is for Obama to start becoming a climate change denier.

latataille (118 posts) • 0

Dazzer, yes, he did. Re-read his post about his Chinese wife. Now stop arguing please.

latataille (118 posts) • 0

Hey Tony, stop harassing me please. Thank you. Now, why aren't you concerned about the similarly one-size-fits-all comments about Kunming food being unsafe, people trying to rip off foreigners, etc.? You have no problem with those, simply because they agree with you. Get over me, seriously

latataille (118 posts) • 0

Tony, also, you asked in another thread where you ever attacked or insulted me. Here you go: "Does show the type of sophisticated thinking he is capable of."

Now, GET A LIFE and stop stalking and harassing me, the object of your obsession.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0


I am referring to your advice of telling the guy that everything is fine, just come over, instead of an well thought out advice to weighing the pros and cons of the situation.

You are the only one hung up on the food issue.

BTW, there is a difference between an insult and an insinuation. Was that not a proper summarization of my argument? If you saw that as an insult then fine, but hard to argue that it doesn't fit.

latataille (118 posts) • 0

Tony, I did not say, "Everything is fine. Just come over." I made a comment that Kunming is very different from Hong Kong, but that it is a good place to live, and that foreigners on this forum can be unduly negative about it. I am quite sure that the OP is intelligent enough to sort through comments and not base his move on a single comment.

Now, again, please just get over me, and ignore me. Stop hijacking threads and making them all about you and your obsession with me.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

Matt, and I quote:

"Hong Kong and Kunming are very different, BUT DON'T LISTEN to the nattering naybobs of negativity. KUNMING IS A GREAT PLACE, and if you already have a career or business that you can practice here, DO IT".

Sure sounds like an wholesale endorsement to relocate to Kunming and continuing doing what he was doing in HK to me. The problem is, "Kunming is great" is a very subjective statement, without truly understanding his particular situation, preference, etc, it is impossible to tell him "Kunming [would be] great" for him. A better statement would've been, "Kunming has been great for me but it might not be to your liking"

Further more, you concluded with, "If you...can...", well what if he can't, what's the advice then? It would appear that your advice is inconclusive and incomplete which makes for a very dangerous recommendation.

BTW, if you think that the "OP is intelligent enough to sort through comments and not base his move on a single comment" then what is the point of your rant? Share your experience instead of negating what others have said. By negating, you are elevating your own statement to be superior over others which is very bothersome.


PS, why would I want to ignore you? I am thoroughly enjoying this. Besides, you obviously come to the forum to seek attention, if I ignored you where would you get your attention? If anything, if you don't like what I have to say then maybe you should take your own advice.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to not seeing you respond to me~

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

HK air is nothing good now anyways thanks to being next to Guangdong. I'd choose Kunming over HK if you can earn more here and someone else takes care of the China visa for you and your family. Also, we have lots of direct flights to hkg and its a short flight, so you can visit HK easily. You will end up cooking at home a lot, as eating out here equals a high chance of diarrhea or worse.

If you cannot tolerate people spitting and second hand smoke everywhere you can think of and places you can't believe, then don't come.

If you cannot tolerate cars and ebikes honking horns constantly behind you and not bothering to give you right away, then don't come.

If you or anyone in your family has chronic health issues, then don't come.

latataille (118 posts) • 0

Alex, no, eating here does not equal a "high chance of diarrhea or worse." This is nonsense that expats spout, but it is simply not true. Please stop libeling and vilifying an entire industry because you had diarrhea a couple of times.

As for spitting, smoking, and honking, that is true. As for chronic health issues, I think that is just more anti-China propaganda.

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