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Buying ultrabook in Kunming

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

Some Carrefour and Walmarts sell laptops. They seem official, but price isn't cheap like the other things they sell.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

I've just bought a laptop from the official Dell website. Decent service and good spec at a fair price but all of the software is in Chinese (including BIOS level) and it's really not easy to even change the Chinese Windows to 'English'. There's a version of Windows 10 specific to China that can't be 'upgraded' to any other version or language. Some things are still displayed in Chinese.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

Thanks everyone!! Really useful information!! A friend helped me take my computer to a shop and it looks like it might be fixed!! :) . So sorry to bother everyone, I wasted half if last week researching computer models too, but at least I should be able to put off buying a computer for another year hopefully. If the problem starts again might look for the computer selling walmart.
Thanks again!!!!!

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

i only bought a computer in china once, the last time. so much agro trying to sort stuff out to get english windows. like debaser says, specific to windows. there is no legal solution, only pirate solutions, and no 100% fix. unliess you wanna buy windows again, expensive. in the past, and next time, i will wait for a visa run to hk and buy a machine there.

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • 0

I bought a custom built machine back in 2010. It required the purchase of the operating system, so I intentionally purchased an English version of Windows 7 Ultimate and installed it myself.

Also bought a laptop here in Kunming that had a Chinese version of Windows installed. Fortunately I had an English install set brought from Canada, but that did require searching for all the right drivers for the network and video devices.

ricsnapricsnap (185 posts) • 0

The Xiaomi notebook could be one of the very few worth buying in mainland China. The Huawei ultrabook is also very very nice, but I have no idea about its price difference in e.g. HK.
Personally the only notebook I'd buy ATM, but probably not in China, is the new Surface book. The possibility of detaching the screen and the use of the stylus gives you a lot more to play around with.

Can the license of a CHN Windows be migrated to an international version of the OS?

ricsnapricsnap (185 posts) • 0

Should be kept in mind that, with the Singles' day coming up, some deals could lie around the corner...

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

@shara. Make sure to tell the fixit guy to install english or international windows if he needs to redo the os.

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