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Buying ultrabook in Kunming

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

about shipito: i haven't tried them yet. i just read about this company last week. it was recommended by someone on a forum that i read and find usually reliable. if i get more info or try it out, i'll let you know. (maybe you can buy an inexpensive item to test it out?)

so for Dell, try going to and then changing US to China at the bottom right corner. This might give you the official resellers in China and/or you can buy from web site directly. but the web site is only in Chinese. get a chinese cute girl to help you out.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

no no, it's a legitimate poster on a forum where techies buy lots of gear. but he didn't say much about it. he just mentioned it for people living outside the US.

i'll try to get more info about it when i get the chance.

also OP: my laptop is old. i was going to buy a new laptop, but then i started thinking about having a custom built PC made and just keeping the old laptop for web browsing. now they have mini tower cases for PCs, so they're not as bulky. and you can get a much more powerful and fast system that will not be outdated as fast as the laptop for a lot less. just a suggestion. that's the route i might be taking soon. if i can find a guy at 121 street to put it together for me.

jopasny (181 posts) • 0

I'll suggest that Taobao could be worth checking out for a cheapish laptop. There's no doubt that you can still fall victim to a fake, but if you buy from a reputable seller and look into the feedback (probably with assistance from a Chinese friend), you can get an authentic one.

Also, Magnifico has a point that buying a PC is much more cost effective and has a better power to $ ratio. Upgrading along the way is also a lot easier... makes me feel like doing the same now.

Serrure (132 posts) • 0

I'm thinking about buying an ultrabook too. I want to get Asus zenbook and I thought China is a better place to buy one. Asus computers are made here, Asus is a Taiwanese brand, I bought my old Asus laptop in 2009 and it's still working, and I got my tablet (bought in Europe) fixed twice for free! in Asus service centre in Kunming.

I had a good experience with the service centre so I checked few Asus shops around KM, just to compare prices etc and shop assistants working there didn't know anything about computers! They couldn't even answer my questions about ram or battery. When I asked about the difference between two laptops I was told that one is bigger and black and the other smaller and greyish.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

'asus are made here'. so what? so are lenovo, ipad, iphone, hp, nikon, bmw, gm cars, etc. as you found out that counts for nothing. and taoboa is a ghood place to get a fake or old spec machine advertised as full spec.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

just did a quick search. came up with this. someone claims shipito has a credit card scam going on. ha ha. ok. AVOID shipito. sorry, i thought the source was fairly reliable.[...]

also, i would avoid taobao for computers. and do your research online before you buy.

_shara_ (98 posts) • 0

Could someone give me an update on this thread please. Do you think it's possible to buy a genuine computer through taobao now (assuming I ask a Chinese friend to double check before I buy it), and also are there any shops which are authorised sellers of Acer, Lenovo or Asus in Kunming (my computer broke last week so researching how to get a new one if I can't get it fixed. Thanks very much!!! :) my last option would be to go and stay in Shenzhen I guess then go through to HK to go shopping but that will end up being about the same price as the computer so might be better to risk taobao

michael2015 (655 posts) • 0

I use tabao to buy 2nd hand laptops/computers for kids. For branded stores, use tmall or

For laptop/desktop repair - computer boutique stores in and around 121 street. Suggest you stroll through the area first - talk to shop owners about your laptop make/model.

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