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Kunming streets' name in English

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盘龙区 Spiral Dragon District
官渡区 Governmental Harbor District
西山区 West Hill District
五华区 China-Rejuvenating District
市府东街 East Municipal Government street
东风路 East Wind Avenue
人民路 The people's Road
正义路 Justice Road
梁家河 Liang's River
白沙河 White Sands River
五里多 Over-Five-Kilometer
民航路 C.A. Road
金碧路 Golden Emerald Road
金碧广场 Golden Emerald Squre
拓东路 Opening-East Road
环城路 Circle City Road
菊花村 Chrysanthemum Village
吴井路 Wu's Well Road
园西路 West Zoo Road
黑林铺 Black-Forest Stores Area
圆通东路 East Zoo Road
一二一大街 December First Avenue

龙泉路 Dragon Spring Road
北教场 North Training Area
民院路 Nationality Collage Road
北京路 Peking Road
青年路 Youth Road
新闻路 News Road
龙翔街 Dragon-flying street
凤翥街 Phoenix-dancing street
春城路 Spring City Road
白塔路 White Tower Road
平政街 Fair-Governing street
岔街 Fork street
大树营 Big Trees Camp
科医路 Science & Medical Road
西坝路 West Dam Road
永平路 Ever Safe Road
永康路 Ever Health Road
莲花池 Lotus Pool
文化巷 Culture Alley
报国街 Dedicate-to-Country Road
大观路 Paranoia Road
玉龙湾 Jade Dragon River
黑林铺中心学校 Black-Forest Stores Center School
小麦溪 Little Wheat Brook
东站 The East Bus Station
双龙桥 Double Dragon Bridge
气象路 Metrology Road
和平村 Peace Village
东华小区 East China Residential District
金龙饭店 Golden Dragon Hotel
樱花购物中心 Sakula Shopping Center
风味城 The Savor City
五一路 May Day Road
白马庙 White Horse Temple
白马小区 White Horse Residential District
建设路 Construction Road
春城实验小学 Spring City Experimental Primary School
长春小学 Eternal Spring Primary School
新迎小区 New Greeting Residential District
虹山 Rainbow Hill

龙头街 Dragon Head street
北门街 North Gate street
吴井桥 Wu's Well Bridge
江岸小区 River Bank Residential District
金沙小区 Golden Sands Residential District
曙光小区 First Sunshine Residential District
豆腐营 Bean curd Camp
黄瓜营 Cucumber Camp
书林街 Books' Forest street
长春路 Eternal Spring Road
东风广场 East Wind Square
穿金路 Heading Golden Temple Road
国防路 National Defense Road
师大附小 Primary School Affiliated Yunnan Normal University
黑龙潭 Black Dragon Pool
圆通动物园 Kunming Zoo
东陆桥 Eastland Bridge
昆明医学院 Kunming Medical Collage
二环路 Second Ring Road
龙井街 Dragon Well Street
鼓楼路 Drum Building Road
小西门 Inner West Gate
东寺街 East Temple Street
西寺巷 West Temple Alley
昆瑞公路 Kunming-Ruili Highway
金牛街 Golden Ox Street
金龙饭店 Golden Dragon Hotel
金泉酒店 Gold Spring Hotel
五一路 May Day Road
海埂路 Sea Bank Road
龙泉路 Dragon Spring Road
巡津街 Seeking Street
护国路 Safeguard Road
护国桥 Safeguard Bridge
新迎小区 New Greeting Residential Quarter
青云街 Clean Cloud Street
云南电信 Yunnan branch of China Telecom
云南联通 Yunnan branch of China Unicom
云南移动 Yunnan branch of China Mobile
北站 North Train Station
南窑火车站 South Train Station
昆明大学 Kunming University
湖畔之梦小区 Lake Dream Residential Quarter
南亚风情园 South Asian Flavor Garden
人民电影院 The People's Cinema
云南人才市场 Yunnan Human Resource Market
云南省图书馆 Yunnan Library
昆明市图书馆 Kunming Library

云大驾校 Driver's Training Center of Yunnan University
马街 Horse Street
科医路 Science & Medic Road
海源路 River Resource Road
昆明百货大楼 Kunming Shopping Department
得胜桥 Wining Bridge
气象路 Metrology Road
工人新村 Workers' New Village
昆明国际机场 Kunming International Airport
云南广电大楼 Yunnan TV and Broadcasting Mansion
兰花宾馆 Orchid Hotel
桃源街 Peachland Street
核桃箐 Hickory Gully
福照街 Fortune Street
佳新大酒店 The Bestway Hotel of Kunming
学府路 Scholar Road
金泉大酒店 Golden Spring Hotel
金星小区 Golden Star Residential Quarter
园丁小区 Teachers' Residential Quarter

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It doesn't help me at all. I can't read the Chinese and all the signs I see use Pinyin, not English.

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Thank you, that was unbelievably helpful. I always had problems navigating in kunming, but since you posted this everything went much smoother. Thank you for your enormous contribution. Tomorrow I will be heading for dali, can you maybe translate some major street names for me.


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Fork Street. ha ha

Fork in the road Oh shit what direction should I choose Street.

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Nice list. I think pinyin names would be useful as well. Most foreigners would ask for directions using the Chinese names and only sometimes use English to substitute the end for "street" or "road". And with Google Maps being blocked, pinyin would be useful to read Baidu Maps.

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Wow thx so much!!! That is a great help indeed. And makes walking around more educational too! Brilliant!


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