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Express delivery in Kunming?

aidan (1 post) • 0

Hello, I'm preparing to start my own company here in Kunming and will need access to reliable express delivery services (like UPS or Federal Express). I saw the story about DHL, but it didn't mention express mail services.

Many thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction! - Aidan

chris (144 posts) • 0

Dunno about UPS, haven't heard about them operating in KM, but FedEx is here, I used them a couple weeks ago.

FedEx works through a Chinese company called Tianjin Datian Logistics, you can call their office near the airport at 701 5347 (their receptionist speaks decent English). They can send a FedEx van out to wherever you are and pick up your parcel. You might want to ask them to give you some extra forms and envelopes for future use.

I've received a few packages from TNT too - I think Harbour Plaza offers TNT services, but with an extra service charge added - but I don't have their contact details.

EMS is generally okay, but I've lost some documents sent via EMS before, so I don't really recommend it. Hope that helps.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

DHL are here too, I've used them once. The guy who comes to collect seemed pretty helpful and knowledgable and even spoke a few words of English. I managed to send a package to London within 4 working days.

EMS are ok but would only use them for within mainland China and Hong Kong. Once they leave the greater china area they have to use companies like DHL for the next stage anyway so may as well go with an international courier from the start.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

I find DHL is good (Their web tracking is convienent (and I heard that they have increased their services in Kunming. TNT and EMS are also good.

Adam Chen (1 post) • 0

There are many companies that offer the delivery service in chinese mainland, but in kunming in most of delivery company you have to use mandarin to communicate with their clerks.Many local companies are available here,for instance 1 ShenTong company, tel 0871-7185733 or6215313 2 ZTS express tel:8020011、8028080 3 YuanTong express tel:3330801、3320615 .
the service from above express companies were all used by me.

Your goods will arrive within 3 days in mainland
And the charge is almost lower than EMS. The average is 15yuan RMB.
I am a local guy.If you have any questions, please give me short message.
My email is [email protected] and my mobile phone number is 13810593547. I think my help is extremely useful for you.

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