Decathlon in Kunming?

dani_om (13 posts) • 0

I saw the logo of Decathlon in local bus in the city. Does anybody knows if there is one here and where it is?

satii (80 posts) • 0

A new Decathlon will be opening at the massive B1 level of Joy City (大悦城) Shopping Center on Huancheng Nan Lu. The Decathlon renovation wall is still up.

Same floor level as the new Hema (盒马) supermarket. To follow-up on Geezer's point, the Boston lobsters are alive in their tanks. Though can't guarantee live lobsters prior to cooking for Hema online deliveries (free within zone). 10 methods of prepation now. Prices per lobster have increased to 129, but 50cny discounts for first time customers using the Hema app to order on-site or online.

Joy City listing:


You can't miss the giant Blue Hippo outside.

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