Kunming International Photo Contest

Springtime in Kunming
FROM Apr 15 THRU May 14
Capture the spirit of spring in Kunming!
Then upload your photos and share on social media.
The picture with the most votes wins our top prize.
Competition has ended
About the Contest
  • About the Springtime in Kunming contest
    Over the course of 2017, we will host a series of themed photography contests. The first of these is entitled Springtime in Kunming, and runs from April 15-May 14. This contest is a showcase for photos taken anywhere in the Spring City during the vernal months.
  • How the photography contest works
    The Springtime in Kunming photo contest runs from midnight April 15 through midnight May 14. For the duration of the contest, interested photographers with original photos taken anywhere in Kunming during the spring months are able to upload a maximum of ten images across three categories.
  • User agreement and licensing rules
    Anyone submitting their own original photos to the Springtime in Kunming contest retains ownership. However, by entering photos, participants agree to allow GoKunming to publish or otherwise reuse the images on the web, through social media and as follows: