Stone Forest International Photography Competition

FROM Sep 19 THRU Nov 14
Rediscovering the essence of
China’s Limestone Wonderland
Competition has ended
About the Contest
  • About the Competition
    The Stone Forest International Photography Competition invites anyone, anywhere in the world with beautiful digital photos of the Stone Forest to participate. The contest aims not only to raise international awareness of the stunning natural vistas and thriving indigenous cultures of Yunnan, but also encourage local and foreign photographers to showcase their talent...
  • What is the Stone Forest?
    The Stone Forest is one of southwest China's premier tourist attraction and is visited by four million people annually. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. It is home to a dizzying and expansive array of beautiful limestone Karst formations shaped over millennia by the forces of nature...
  • How the Contest works?
    The Stone Forest International Photography Competition runs for eight weeks, from September 19 through November 14. For the duration of the contest photographers can submit their best shots from the Stone Forest to the website, where users from anywhere in the world can vote for their favorites...