An opportunity of making pocket money

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An opportunity of making pocket money

I am a Ph.D. candidate in linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh. I am looking for English-speaking learners of Mandarin Chinese for my Ph.D. dissertation experiment. The experiment will
be in the form of online reading and listening tasks (40-60 minutes, depending on your Mandarin
level). The project is approved by University of Pittsburgh's Institutional Review Board(STUDY22020140). If your first language is English and you have learned Chinese for at least two
years, please sign up for my experiment!
You will do the tasks on your own computer.

1. A compensation up to $20 for your participation.
2. The results of a Mandarin placement test.
3. Engage in academic research and make contribution to the study of Mandarin as a second/foreign language.

1. Your first language must be English
2. You have learned Mandarin for at least two years
3. You can read simplified Chinese characters
4. No known language-related disorders
5. Able to complete the experiment on your own computer

1. Selecting pictures based on sentences heard while tracking where you are looking on your
computer screen (not recording any pictures or videos!)
2. Judge sentences based on the short stories (3-5 sentences) read.
3. Mandarin placement test (reading only)
4. Multiple choice questions (short and easy)

To sign up, click the link

You can also send an email to Shaohua (

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