Native English Teacher/Marketer Position

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Currently Recruiting:

English Teacher & Marketer Position

Position Details:
- Responsible for teaching classes + Class preparation + Office hours
- Responsible for marketing, finding, and recruiting new students
- Students range from young children to college students
- Full-time and part-time positions offered
- School Location: Wuhua District (close to Cuihu), Kunming
- Can offer work visa/residence permit
- Salary negotiable


1. Loves education and is passionate about working with Chinese students/children.

2. Long-term vision, stable, cheerful, self-motivated, and creative.

3. At least 2-years of working experience in education and or teaching English. Proficient in teaching elementary, middle, and high-school students. Experience working with American-teaching materials or similar material: Wonders, Journeys, Reach, etc.

4. Experience teaching children, teenagers, college students, and working adults.

5. Experience in marketing and sales, specifically within the education industry and or marketing for students in China specifically.

6. Already in possession of a work visa or eligible to apply for a work visa with all necessary documents READILY accessible. We are looking for someone who can start working as SOON as possible.

7. Bachelor's or Master's degree in education or related field + TESOL/TOEFL Certificate. In addition to teaching English and marketing, has experience with special skills, including the following: social media management (WeChat/DouYin), art, music, theatre, performance. Open to discussion.

8. Preference given to native English speakers but open to non-natives IF you meet all the other qualifications and speak with a slow, clear accent suitable for children.

If you meet all the above qualifications and are seriously interested in getting started as soon as possible, add our WeChat and send the following:

- Resume/CV

- Cover letter

- Video(s) of you giving class / introduction video

- A photocopy of your current work visa/permit or relevant application documents (authenticated criminal background check and university document) that are currently in your position

Contact info:
WeChat: UcanUdoUbe

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