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CloudBridge is seeking a full-time editor / website manager who will work on regular content for GoKunming and related platforms. This role is perfect for anyone who has a strong passion for writing.

You’ll primarily be responsible for the published content on the website, as well as overseeing moderation of user-generated content. You’ll edit all articles that other authors have written and you’ll make all necessary changes. You’ll also be responsible for writing new articles. We expect, that each article will be at least 500 words of unique content, each article will have multimedia and will be SEO optimized.


• Crafting a multi-media content strategy
• Write, edit and publish 100% unique Yunnan-related content
• Create SEO optimized articles and perform additional SEO related tasks
• Share published articles on company related social media channels
• Manage contributors network
• Oversee user-generated content moderation
• Perform other tasks from management, including SEO related tasks

Content may include blogs, articles, animated videos, video interviews, social media and website copy.


• Excellent writing and editing skills in English
• Experience in keyword planning
• Strong familiarity and affinity with Yunnan
• Extremely high attention to detail with strong organizational and time management skills
• Good knowledge of the Chinese language and ability to research • Chinese news articles (if necessary with the help of translation tools), as well as doing translations from Chinese to English
• Very strong research skills
• Desire to learn fast, self-motivated and organized


CloudBridge is the company behind the leading English-language platform for Yunnan. We are a unique company working on projects that help the expat community in the region, as well as promote Yunnan abroad.

Salary is negotiable and based on experience. This position will start latest September 1.

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