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Qualified, responsible and supportive teachers are needed to teach Communicative

English (Listening & Speaking,mostly) courses for university students majoring in

Finance & Economics

Job Responsibilities
-Courses: Communicative Englis for the purpose of Finance and Econimics, including Experiential

English (English Corner, Speaking Contest, English Debate, etc.) - Workload: 16 instruction hours each week (40 mins/per instructional hour); 16 weeks each term
- Class size: Approximately 50 students/per class
- Classes mostly scheduled from Monday-Friday (morning or afternoon)
- In-class teaching model
Job Qualifications
- Holding a university bachelor degree or higher
- Qualified teaching certificates, such as CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL, etc.
- Fluent in English, native speaker is preferred; some Chinese knowledge is a plus
- Having a reasonable level of comfort with technology (we use Yuketang and Dingtalk and a

variety of applications in the classroom)
Work Permit Requirements
- If you are currently in China and have a valid Work Permit good for next half a year into the next

academic year (starting from Sept, 2021)
If you are interested in the job opening, please feel free to contact us for more information about
work conditions, salary and benefits:;

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