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Chinese language teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Yang, I'm 31 years old. I come from Yunnan, and living in Kunming now.

In 2017 I got my Certificate from the Confucius Institute as Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, I have been a Chinese teacher volunteer of the Confucius Institute from 2018 to 2020.

I started teaching Chinese language from 2014 and I have been working with various levels, including classes dedicated to the HSK examinations.

My students have always been of different age and from all over the world, and I always receive very positive feedback from many of them.
Almost all the students have been enjoying my classes, they learned a lot about the Chinese culture and language. If you wish to improve your speaking and/or comprehensive skills, or if you would like to take an exam, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be absolutely pleased to help you with this and I am sure that together, we can work hard and achieve your Chinese language goals.
Welcome to my class, I hope we can see in class.

One on one tuition fee: 100rmb/h, 800rmb/10hs.
Class locations:
1.Your favorite place, or alternatively my apartment .(I'm sharing an apartment with a foreign friend who has full time teaching job.)
2.I am a member of Jingsu Tea bar (an elegant, quiet and beautiful tea bar, which various branches in Kunming). It's totally free to do our class as a tea drink is ordered at the bar.
3.Or online class.

Contact me:
Tel: +8613518790238
Wechat: fangaodeerduoy

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