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Full-time kindergarten in WenShan

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Wenshan is a small tier 5 city in YunNan Provence with a population of around 450,000. It is 80km from the boarder of Vietnam. WenShan is a minority prefecture with many different Chinese ethnicities living together, creating a very nice diverse setting. Our kindergarten just opened last year and it is the largest and most advanced in the city (its a actual castle). The winter here is cool in the mornings and warm during the afternoon. Summer is a dry heat, but cool when you are out of direct sunlight. There is very little air pollution in WenShan. If you are looking for a secure job in a very relaxed quite city this may be the position for you!

-Salary:10k-15k/M after tax
-Housing allowance:1.5k/M (large 2-3 bedroom apartments cost this much here)
-Flight allowance provided after signing 2nd year contract.

Job description
-Monday-Friday weekends off
-Working hours: 7:30-18:00 with 2.5 hour break
-MAXIMUM of 11 teaching hours per week
-vacation: partial pay [1 month CNY 1 month Summer]
-teach students 2.5-6 years old
-each day teach 5-6 English classes, 15-30 minutes per class
-starting date:ASAP

1. Bachelor's Degree holder (REQUIRED)
2. Must be eligible for the foreign expert certificate
3.Authenticated copies of your most recent diploma and background check
3. Must hold a native English speaking county's passport.
4.TEFL certificate (preferred)
5. a basic level of Chinese speaking would be helpful for communication with the bosses.

If you wish to apply for this vacancy, please send your CV, and passport scan to 2350788599 @ q q . com

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