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An American, a life coach for 31 years, will help you solve any problem you may have. Dwight loves his work so much, he's happy to give it away for a "getting to know each other" event. This event, called "Strangers into Friends: an Evening with Dwight" has been held several times weekly for almost five years now, with Dwight visiting with close to 3000 people.

Here is how Dwight describes what he does: "You know how people have difficulties in their relationships with others, you know how people often feel conflicted within themselves, you know how people are not fulfilled in their job or career...well, I fix those problems. Simply put, I train others to be both deeply excited about and profoundly in love with the moment-by-moment and day-to-day journey of their life, enchanted with their life as extraordinary work of art. Lifestyle coaching, that's my job."

We all have problems. For example, procrastination, indecisiveness, worry, lack of passion, lack of courage, difficulty in saying no, in our relationships with parents, kids, spouses, or lovers, and so on. If you haven't found the key to solving your problem, join us! If you only want to practice your oral English, join us! If you're just curious or want to make new friends, join us! Dwight loves meeting new people (he's quite an extrovert). Snacks are included.

Time: 630pm-830pm almost every day. Location area is Jing Kang Yuan in northeast Kunming (subway line #2, Baiyun stop). Contact his social secretary Rocky Jiang to arrange your evening with Dwight.
Rocky's contact info: 151-2529-3451 or wechat ID JIANGZI3450.

Here is what one guest said about her evening with Dwight: 

I was so nervous after I made the appointment. I even wanted to cancel it because I was so frightened. But it was great fun to visit with Dwight. He is a very interesting person with colorful life experiences. He can coach you with sincere attitude about work, life, and romance. I felt so relaxed and happy like he is an old friend even this is the first time we met each other. It's not necessary to worry about your oral English level. There is no problem to communicate. I learned a lot from the talk with Dwight. I got the key to solve my problems. By the way, his cat is super adorable! I am so happy I didn't miss this activity. Just like what Dwight said, we need courage everywhere. Choose courage to make the appointment right away. Never miss it! 
–Cindy Wang (translated from Chinese)

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