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English Client Communication Specialist and English Summer/Winter Program Coordinator


Our company is looking for an English Client Communication Specialist and English Summer/Winter Program Coordinator. Our clients/students primarily come from North American, Europe, Southeastern Asia, and Korea. This position will serve as a liaison between our partners in China, India, and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The person in this position will be responsible for contacting individuals inquiring about our programs either by phone or email on a day to day basis and will be mainly involved in the implementation of our programs as well. This position is involved with the following responsibilities:

我们公司需要招聘一名英文客户专员兼夏/冬令营项目专业本公司客户主要来自北美,欧洲,东南亚及韩国等地. 该职位会作为和国外客户,和中国,印度,以及其他亚太地区国家合作伙伴间沟通的桥梁, 其日常工作内容/职责如下

- Via emails and phone calls, communicate with English clients including replying clients' inquiries and questions related to travel or travel and study programs and maintain good relationships after the programs


- Activities of program implementations including booking hotels, flights, train tickets, contacting and arranging guides, internship sites (to create internship placements), local language tutors, non-profit organizations (to create volunteering placements), and homestay families.


- When the student group, the person of this position will lead the group of American students to travel to places of interests in Yunnan, southeastern Asia, Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu, as well as some other relevant affairs.


- Translate English content from our colleagues in other countries and promote our programs on social medials and study and travel related online platforms.


The work location is primarily Kunming with leading American student groups to around Yunnan, Southeastern Asia, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, etc.


Required Skills and Abilities:


Very advanced English and excellent speaking and writing skills and abilities
Ability to translate from English or Chinese to the other language. Most translation will be from English to Chinese however some translation from Chinese to English is required.
Excellent communication abilities

Personality: outgoing and responsible
Marketing experience and abilities
- 高级英语水平及优秀的写作技巧和能力

- 英中文互译能力工作中将有大量的英译中内容,也有部分中译英

- 沟通能力强

- 性格外向,具有责任心

- 具有一定的市场营销/推广经验及能力

Preferred (but not required) skills and abilities (if you have any of these skills and abilities please highlight them for us):


Optional experience on WordPress or HTML is preferred but not required.
Optional proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite (esp Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Adobe After Effects) is preferred but not required
精通 Adobe Creative Suite (特别是 Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Adobe After Effects)
Ability to create great looking slide decks in PowerPoint preferred.
能够使用 PowerPoint 制作精致的 PPT。

This position is based in Kunming, Yunnan.


Competitive Compensation


Salary and benefits will be discussed after the interview, but before we issue an offer letter. Some of the benefits of working for Beyond Borders are: competitive salary, five insurances, a two-day weekend, performance-based rewards and flexible working hour. Beyond Borders employees also have plenty of opportunities to travel and interact with people from a variety of cultures on a regular basis. This is also a great environment to learn English as our office working language is English.

薪资将根据应聘者的工作经验和能力,面谈后确定除了具有竞争力的薪资,社会保险(五险),周末双休,绩效奖励, 8 小时工作制等公司的基本福利外,员工还可享受公司提供的众多的旅游机会公司文化多元,工作中将有大量机会接触来自全球不同文化背景的人因为工作语言是英语,在这样的工作环境下,您能快速提高英语能力

Additionally, Beyond Borders will provide significant growth opportunities within the company. We have a nice working environment, cutting edge working software and apps are used to help you managing your work with colleague from different place of the world. Our company encourages our team members to improve their professional skills by investing in new software and training. We strongly support any staff who takes the initiative to buy advanced software and experiment with new software solutions to make work more productive and pleasant.


Please Note: We would like to offer this position with full-time at different working hours: working from office 5 hours from 12:45 pm to 17:45 pm, plus working from home 3 hours from 7:45 pm to 10:45 pm (Monday through Friday). These hours will allow our colleagues in the US Europe or South America to work with you more easily.

请注意这个是全职岗位,但需要在不同的时间工作,工作时间是下午12:45 16:45在办公室工作5小时,晚上7:4510:45在家工作3小时(周一至周五)。这些时间将使我们的美国, 欧洲,南美洲的同事更容易与您一起工作


1. 如有求职意向,通过点击网站或者扫描二维码申请职位



2. 也可把您的中英文简历发到邮箱[email protected]

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