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Substitute Teacher Needed Feb 20-23 & 26 1 hr day

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IELTS Speaking substitute teacher needed Feb 20-21-22-23 & 26 4:45 pm to 5:45pm at Dong Feng Square Metro Station, 1 hour daily, Adult training center.

1000 RMB for 5 hours of easy IELTS speaking classes. All you need to do is take my list of IELTS sample questions, ask the students the questions and give them each opportunities to speak giving them useful feedback on how they can speak better with improved grammar, pronunciation, and/or fluency. 5-10 students typically in each class. The class is not always the same students each day as they rotate around randomly. Projector and speakers are available in the classroom as well as a computer if your material is on a USB. HDMI cable access is also available if needed as well.

Contact me on wechat if you are a native English speaker (NATIVE SPEAKERS ONLY WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS POSITION), ideally have some IELTS teaching experience or have an idea what is required on the speaking test and if you are a reliable person. My wechat is 15987115081. Send me a bit of info about yourself or a brief resume if you have one. If you appear suitable we can have a call to discuss more details. - Taylor

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