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Room in large, comfortable flat available

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We have a room available in a large shared apartment. Rent is 750 and its free from the beginning of Feb.

我们在一间大的合租公寓里有一间空房租金是750, 2月的开始

We're located on the north side of the city centre, very close to Yunnan University, the Green Lake, Coffee shops and the Northern Train Station. Just on the north side of the Zoo. You can search: 圆通北路冶金研究院
我们在市中心的北侧,附近云南大学翠湖北火车站和很多咖啡厅在动物园的北边。 Search: 圆通北路冶金研究院

You'd be living with two British folks, myself and Stew. We're very easy to get along with, clean and like to cook.


The place is large, and has: a big comfy sofa, western toilet, a TV, speakers, washing machine, gas cooker and a load of kitchen stuff.


Basically, the apartment has everything you need!


If you're interested, or know anyone who may be...

Add my Wechat (lotjenkins) or my roommate Stew's (stewwilson)

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