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Bunkbed, water heater, sofa, shelf, printer

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ALL items are as is and you need to arrange your own transport. Please contact 156-9466-9606 (WeChat) for more information. Address is near the West Wicker Basket.

Bunkbed with mattresses (dismantled, needs minor repair 203cm x 121 cm x 180 cm with ladder) 350RMB
Haier electric water heater (60L) 500RMB
Grey Western Sofa set (one love seat 180cm, a single seater 70cm, and a lounge chair 90cm x 175cm arranged in an L-shape) 800RMB
Ikea Kallax shelving (5x5, white) 500RMB
B&W Laser Samsung 3-in-1 Printer (needs cleaning and new toner) 100RMB

60RMB: Metal shelving (5 shelves 40cm x 120cm x 180cm), small bookshelves (good hardwood 105cm x 80cm x 30cm, 80cm x 30cm x 120cm)

50RMB: Bread machine (Hong Kong plug, 220V), projector (needs new lightbulb), tall bookshelf (light coloured particle board, two doors at the bottom 78cm x 32cm x 220cm)

40RMB: Bookshelf (one piece, does not come apart, sturdy particle board 60cm x 40cm x 105cm, 60cm x 40cm x 135cm), large wooden folding table, large wooden platform (for showers or whatever you like)

20RMB: Digital washroom scale, rice cooker (2), waist-high metal shelf (3 shelves 60cm x 35cm x 75cm), standing fans (5), toaster, hair dryer

10RMB, 5RMB, and FREE: Coat rack, bed sheets, pillows, towels, glass containers, kitchen ware, towel rack, basil plants and other house plants, baby bathtub, diaper organiser, crib bumper and sheets, baby rocker, kids rug, hangers, large garbage can, laundry hampers, side table, humidifier, spice rack, fancy light fixture, rod clothes racks (3), quick dry bathmats

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