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Mountain bike: Meirida warrior type550 : excellent condition, 85% new, shimano 21gears, aluminum alloy frame; now 750

The lightest foldable bike:A-Bike, 95% new, only five kilos, can be carried onto a bus or subway with great easy, suitable for 160-190cm both men and women. Now 550

Facial massage in beauty salon, including back and chest in a nation-chain beauty salon in Kunming downtown. 60 yuan for massage of one and a half hours

Guqin, an immemorial musical instrument, known as an intangible cultural heritage of China and made of aged fortune paulownia wood grown for many years. Now 780

UGG Boots, various styles for both men and women in full size, brand new, at the price of around 200

Porcelain chopsticks, traditional blue and white design, very Chinese, excellent china souvenir, now 5/pair

Tailand Royal Latex pillow, almost new, 100% pure rubber, message design,prevent dust mite or germ. With the excellent nature, promote the phisical balance,with a brand new original cover. Now 150

Portable loudspeaker/microphone, small, light, easy to carry and operate, use in teaching, promotion, tour guides and other occasions, now 70

A high quality Taichi sword for Taichi practice and performance, pure copper and stainless steel, now 260

Brand new vacuum cup, Vacuum insulation, 24-hour warm protection, still in the original package, pure white, high quality stainless steel, 25*5cm. Now 20.

Brand new pull rod suitcase, light blue, still in the original package, high quality, 60*37*25cm, now 80

Two suits of high quality Judo clothes, pure cotton white, still in original package, gender neutral 155-170cm. now 160 for the brand new, 90 for the 80% new.

Almost new warm shoes for men, size 43, in good condition, color black, now 50

85% new climbing shoes, size 40, light green, suitable for men and women, in high quality, now 50

Green tea, in original package,Tie Guanyin, a variety of oolong tea, in original package, 26 bags, now 20; 16 bags, now 20; there are also other top quality Puer tea available.

Brand new sun glasses, Porpoise brand, suitable for both men and women, the most lightest and fashionable style, now 50. Brand new women swimming glasses, high quality in pink color, now 20

Brand new golden necklace and bracelets (gold plating), in unique traditional ethnic style. now 200. Almost new pearl necklace (in the rare pink color), now 150. Tibetan turquoise necklace and bracelet, open for negotiation.

A man's T-shirt, black color, pure cotton, now 20; a man's scarf, black and blue, signature cotton, now 20

A CUCCI bag, 85% new, 43*33cm, now 300

Bookcase/bookshelf, 80% new, one is 140*110*31cm, the other is 195*80*32cm, now 190 each

Gas stove, Rinnai R-2CNB (cohesive fire), famous brand for its stable & high quality, 85% new, size 72*39*15, Stainless steel, pulse ignition, table style. now 280

Big bath towels, pure cotton, 40 for 143*165cm and 35 for 88*175cm

High quality wood wardrobe with drawers, milky-white piano coating, 55 *190*120cm, now 450

Almost new double quilt sheet, tailor made, extremely large size: 200cm*230cm, thick pure cotton, super quality with flower pattern, now 150.

a seashell wind bell, made of big rare seashells, 55cm long, now 15

A pair of brand new traditional Chinese fragrant bag, precious herbs inside, mothproof, clean air, deodorant, stay fragrant for long. Now 15 each.

New white board markers, various colors: black, blue, red, etc. Now one yuan for each marker and 2 yuan for a bottle of ink.

Brand new hand-made horn comb, 100% genuine horn, natural black, super quality and static-free with scalp health-care, now 25

new stainless steel bowls, diameter 18cm, double layers, prevent heat from going away and hands protecting, now 5. Brand new traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls, still in the original package including four bowls and four spoons, now 20. almost new food crispers (food storage containers), pretty large, 19*28*9cm, good quality, now 8. many grain containers, protecting cereal from worms, 16*22*8cm, now 6. Stainless steel lunch box, food jar, 20*15*5cm, now 6 .High quality stainless steel wine openers, almost new, perfect working, 15 for the big one, 10 for the small one.

Eye Massager: loosen eye muscle and promote blood circulation, plug-in charging mode, using magnet point massage, used only few times,working perfectly, now 25

Almost new Silicone health-care cups, cupping using vacuum principle, stress reducing, now 30

Mosquito net, 80% new, for double bed, high quality,self-auto support, original almost 200, now 50.

Hand made cross-stitches: Chicken design (25*20cm); monkey design (24*20cm); flowers design (43*85cm); horses design (53*118).

Traditional Chinese calligraphy by calligraphist master Hu Meiying. The two long pieces can hang on the wall, 168*38cm, already framed well. It is couplet of Kunming Daguanlou Mansion, which is well known as the longest couplet in the world. Now 800 for the two pieces.

Eco enzyme, a complex solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs), brown sugar and water. It is dark brown and has a strong sweet sour fermented scent. Eco enzyme is a multipurpose liquid and its applications cover household, agriculture, animal husbandry etc. Now available at 10 yuan/ liter. www.enzymesos.com

free for any purchase:brand new U-life towel with shampoo in its original package; washing machine tank cleaner, highly effective to make the machine inside clean; a handbag for women, 35*20*10cm; a brand new nail clippers in original package; several books on Bible stories; a bicycle lock;

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