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Cottage in Damoyu village

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We have an improved timber and cob brick structure fully furnished cottage to let in the Yi ethnic minority village called Damoyu. It has modern kitchen facilities, western toilet and 24 hours hot water for shower, as well as kitchen utilities and quilts etc. What you need to bring is your personal belongings. Payment is on quarterly basis.

On the ground floor there is a 36sqm living area with a 3*2.4 meters Japanese style (たたみ). There are two rooms upstairs with one queen sized bed and two single beds. In front of the house is a 100 meters farmland.

The village is in Tuanjie township 团结乡 20KM away from KM and 5 mins by car from Xiaomoyu Cave for rock climbing which is the most well-known of the crags around KM. Bus No. C61 from BanZhuCuiYuan passes by the path to the village. It is about 15mins walk to the cottage.

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