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dear friends:
welcome to KM,My name is Li Xunxing, you can call me Xun。, and I graduated from Shandong University with a CET-6 English qualification. My phone number and Wechat ID is 16608853558.
As a native, I am familiar with most tourist spots in Yunnan. And as an optimistic and outgoing person, I have travelled around many places in China and met a lot of people.
From the perspective of professional qualification, I have obtained the certificate of English tour guide as below. But as you see,i'm a new man,so I'm not good at Scenic spot explanation. In order to help me become a good tour guide, I'm glad to be your free tour guide and introduce local KM to you. what you need to do is enjoy our trip and help me improve spoken english.
All in all,i'm gald to be your tour in KM in my free time, and it's for free free free. (except the time that I'm in working.)

Please contact me with my phone/wechat or send me E-mail(

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