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Russian-Filipino couple looking for part time job

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Hi everyone! We are a Russian-Filipino location independent family and would like to relocate to Kunming City for a year so our kids (3 years old & 2 years old) can learn Chinese. We are considering Kunming City because we've read the weather and the people there are great.

Do you have any advice on how can we stay there for that long? We are willing to work part time job, we thought maybe we can teach English in kindergarten while our kids are in the kindergarten too?? My husband is a professiobal web developer (highly skilled in Python) and I'm a professional digital illustrator, we both work online and speak English fluently.

I'd appreciate any help you can give us, we are looking for a local in who can help us find a good kindergarten where our kids can go or where we can work part time so we can have working visa to stay longer..

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