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we are a start-up company located in 泰和苑 Taihe Yuan,in 丰宁小区 near from 百汇商场 Baihui commercial center or 小西门 Xiao xi men.

Office area is about 112 square meters, and there are some empty seats for sharing. we can even exchange information. people who are start-up will be welcome.

1\not far from Fengning丰宁 core section, close to Baihui center百汇商场, park-like environment,very good.
2\the whole office is designed like an open office, suitable for people who just start-up.
3\There are basic office facilities and equipments for share, function rooms, telephone, office desks and chairs, printers, fax machines, water dispensers, microwave ovens, wifi .
4\perfect supporting surrounding financial:CCB, bank of China, Ping An Bank, ABC, icbc, China citic bank, etc., kinds of restaurants, hotels and entertainments.
5\Can also provide relevant Courier, transfer file receiving services.
Rent FEE:
RMB 500/month, pay half a year,deposit a month.

Im not a agency, SMS wont be answered.thank you.
Transportation: bus no.56, 66, 175, 85,244 to the 省社科联站 Sheng she ke lian station.and i will pick u up.
add my wechat please,or i can't see the response here :thothchina

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