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- Nikon camera lens 24-85 F3.5-4.5
- Stainless steel stove top water boiler, glasses, mugs, bowls, plates, measuring cup
- Randwyck coffee filter 4K
- Siemens bread toaster
- 2 Goose feather pillows, BaiSiHan 百思寒
- 3 sofa cushions 60*60cm
- TV Set Top Box for China telecom. 高清网络机顶盒

- NOAH 诺亚舟 NC200 Express Chinese learning machine. Description:
- Siemens land line phone

- A ceiling lamp with a white ball surrounded by fixed sliver grey metal lace
- Samsonite briefcase (not backpack)
- Swatch, new, one 4 lady, one 4 gentleman. Bought in Canada.
- Japanese Chinese dictionary <实用日汉词典>.
- Longman English Chinese Dictionary (Y1988) in traditional Chinese 繁体字 <朗文英汉词典>.
- DVD video about nature and movies. New.
- English and Chinese books, journals, documentation, training material on natural resource management, rural development, forestry etc. 自然资源管理方面的书,专业性很强
- Mentholatum Hadalabo: toning lotion, skin milk. Bought in Japan.
- Body Shop: Drops of Youth, 15% tea tree oil. Bought in USA.
Pick up near Slice of Heaven.

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