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SVBKVLT: Hyph11E & WangNewOne album tour


SVBKVLT presents:

Hyph11E & WangNewOne (DJ / VJ)

‘Aperture’ Album Release Tour


SVBKVLT is excited to present an 8 city China tour celebrating the release of Hyph11E’s debut album ‘Aperture’.

Hyph11E - Aperture

孔洞在本质上是寄生的,它们总是存在于其他事物中,不能孤立存在。触摸生命中那些游移的孔洞,它是涨缩的、吞噬的,它可以被填满,但不会消失;一方面,孔洞是进化的欲望,另一方面,它们也是生长的伤痕。没有撕裂、切割和粘合,我们就无法创造孔洞或消除孔洞。拓扑学家使用孔洞的数量来区分几何对象。以相似的原理,在Encrust – Erosion的闭合回路中,我们成为了区别于他人的自我。


Text by megakira✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Holes are ontologically parasitic - they are always within something else and cannot exist in isolation. Holes accompany us throughout our lives, dilative and devoured, fillable but indispensable. On one hand, they are the driven force for evolution, on the other hand, holes are also the layer of scab that signals growth. Without tearing, cutting and gluing, we cannot create or eliminate a hole. Topologists use the number of holes to distinguish geometric objects. In the same method, in the closed circuit of Encrust and Erosion, we became idiographic individuals.

In her new album, Hyph11E guides the light to travel within and through the hole, and it becomes Aperture.

Text by megakira✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Hyph11E - Barnacles / Kode9 Remix


The lead single for 'Aperture', named 'Barnacles', comes with a remix from Hyperdub boss and long-time friend of SVBKVLT - Kode9! The single also comes with a music video by WangNewOne


当我在创作这支音乐视频时,我想象着一群生活在小洞里的未知微生物。我想象着自己变得和它们一样小,追随着从洞口缝隙中透出的光亮,进入到小洞里的一次旅程。- WangNewOne

When I was creating this music video, I imagined a group of unknown microorganisms living in small holes. I imagined myself becoming as small as they were, following the light from the crack,

and travelling through the hole. - WangNewOne

Tour dates

10/16: Loopy, 杭州
10/17: ALL, 上海
10/23: ATP, 厦门
10/24: OIL, 深圳
10/30: Zhaodai, 北京 *
10/31: JAR, 西安

11/06: AXIS, 成都
11/07: Dada, 昆明

*Hyph11E solo


SBKT037: Hyph11E – Aperture

SBKT036: Hyph11E – Barnacles / Kode9 Remix

‘Barnacles’ music video by WangNewone (Fact Magazine premiere)

Resident Advisor ‘Barnacles’ announcement

Crack Magazine ‘Barnacles’ announcement

DJ Mag ‘Aperture’ announcement

Mixmag ‘Aperture’ announcement

AQNB premiere ‘Infiltration’


早在2016年于Genome 6.66 Mbp的首张合辑中发表的《叶子》里,Hyph11E就凭借着她对俱乐部舞曲充满金属感和空间感的处理而令人印象深刻。

2017年在SVBKVLT发行的个人首张EP -《Vanishing Cinema》中,Hyph11E把她的这份个人色彩进一步提升,并在节奏部分有了更为多元化的表现。四首原创曲子概念完整丰满,加上来自Tzusing, M.E.S.H.和Kid Antoine的3首remix,整张EP展现出了全新的音乐视野,其中Black Pepper (Tzusing Remix) 被Kode9 & Burial收录到Fabriclive 100 mix中。2018年,她又在Country Music厂牌发行了一首全长8分钟的单曲。最近,她和Slikback的合作EP《Slip B》刚刚在SVBKVLT发行,3首合作曲目加上2首Remix对方的经典之作。

从2016年开始,Hyph11E就受到各地电台的邀请做Guest Mix,曾先后做客i-D London,Boiler Room,NTS Radio和Berlin Community Radio等。2017年又是更加忙碌的一年,不仅在潮潮音乐周和混凝草音乐节等国内大型音乐节上有过精彩表现,2018年初收到CTM Festival的邀请到德国Berghain的Panorama Bar演出,之后又相继走访了东京的WWW,伦敦的Corsica Studios和香港Sonar音乐节等。

China's Hyph11E is at the forefront of a new generation of producers in Shanghai spearheading China’s club music movement.

Hyph11E released her debut EP in 2017. Vanishing Cinema arrived via Shanghai imprint SVBKVLT, and featured remixes from Tzusing, M.E.S.H. and Kid Antoine. The bass-heavy EP boasts dark, formidable sound design arranged into hard-hitting club rhythms, and is an exciting signal of the emerging, vibrant Shanghai club scene. Tzusing’s remix of her track “Black Pepper” was picked up by Kode9 & Burial for their Fabriclive 100 mix.More recently, she has released a collaborative EP with Hakuna Kulala’s Slikback; an explosive transmutation of their respective styles that co between Africa and Asia.

Hyph11E has been featured in DJ Mag, FACT, Dazed, Japan Times, and performed at Berlin’s Berghain/Panorama Bar for CTM Festival, London’s Corsica Studios for Kode9’s Ø night, Tokyo’s WWW and Sonar Hongkong.


Youtube: WangNewOne

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