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Digital Alchemy


Digital Alchemy is here!

A psytrance party at the cutting edge. Quantum psychedelic audio witchcraft set to turn dancefloors into a swirling mass of atomic energy. Sizzling psychedelic sounds brought to you by sonic sorcerers, playing top-notch dancefloor scorchers. Fused with the latest in high tech decor and visuals, this hybrid of light and sound will entangle you into an unforgettable dimension of dancefloor shenanigans!


Atoned Splendor/The sNeaKy TwEaKer:

Rumour has it this creature of the groove can be found sneaky around deep in the mysterious lands of Lingzu.
Rarely seen and hard to catch, some have heard he is constantly at work squeezing out every last drop of the psychedelic funk oozing from his brain.
Tucked away in his studio he sneakily twiddles and fiddles for hours in an off-hand way, making sure, not one drop is lost!
Those lucky few who have come into contact with this psychedelic phenom are either tweaker evangelists or still dancing!
Either way, this is……….
Tweakage filtered to perfection!

Body Snatcher:
Bodysnatcher, a local Beijing DJ. He has already performed at local trance parties & festivals such as Spirit Tribe & Shalanaya also MIDI festival. In 2016 he and friends found the local label called: Dark-Moon Tempo, started to make trance parties in China. Now he is not only promoting this type of music but also dedicating himself to introducing this culture into China.

Psytrance is the key to a boundless spiritual world and a fuel for self-awareness. Through years of exploration, DJ Why has decided to become a communicator and experimenter of psychedelic. The purpose is to let the dance floor be free you from the sober state, to understand yourself from a new perspective, and to link with your spiritual world.

Touch Ya:
Enthusiasm for rock music decided my path in life: forming a rock band and engaging with music professionally.
Through countless gatherings fueled by alcohol and cigarettes, I eventually needed more to find another way to share music? So I bought some equipment and started exploring DJing. In the countless parties that have followed, I developed and showcased my unique musical style, tirelessly working to integrate a diverse range of styles, sounds, and rhythms.

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