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Culture 9:30am 25 yuan

Vegan Wet Market Tour

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Minimum 4, maximum 8 pax per tour
Wet Market Vegan Tour is proudly presented by China Vegan Tours, a sustainable tour company that advocates for plant-based diet and plastic-free lifestyle. Zhuanxin Wet Market is the largest and one of the most bustling spots in downtown Kunming and a must-visit place to experience authentic local culture and food. We are committed to making our tours as sustainable as possible. We host this tour once a week to the local community at a minimal fee as a little gesture of giving back to the people we care about the most. Each guest will be provided a complimentary 1.5L reusable silicone food bag, we refuse all the plastic bags handed out from the food vendors. Most of the drinks sold in the market are prepared in disposable plastic cups, so we recommend you to bring your own water bottle. Please bring your own shopping bag as well if you are planning to grab some fresh veggies. #idontneedaplasticbag #我不需要塑料袋

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Zhuanxin Wet Market • 268 Xinwen Lu