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Classes 9:00am 500 yuan

Chinese Tea Art Online 中国茶艺在线


Make your time count and join us for the amazing class of Chinese Tea Art, the best gift from China.

Click here to know 2021 CHINESE TEA ART COURSE

This course is designed for overseas students or tea traders. Through this course you are expected to gain tea knowledge (origin, processing, history, health benefits etc), master the practical skill of brewing the main types of tea, build your tea supply chain and enlarge your social circle in China by practicing social tea skills.


To meet the different requirements, in 2021, we continue to offer you the following lectures both online and offline with short-term or long-term sessions:

A graduate diploma awards you scholarly ability, and vocational training enables your practical skills, however, Chinese tea art is beyond both. It will please your whole life and give a bonus to your future career. A cup of Chinese tea is a cup of humanity, is a cup of Chinese culture about history, geography, wisdom, philosophy, etiquette, human relationships, life aesthetics, folk customs and health care.

After finishing the course there are opportunities for part time employment. Contact us today for more information about the Chinese Tea Art semester.

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