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The 5th Chinese Tea Art Essence

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If you are interested in Chinese tea art, here is the contents and schedule. You may choose the date and single lessons are you interested.

Each time has 4 lessons, lasts 3.5 hours, is available in English.

Nov 2nd

Lesson 1. Profile and Requirements of This Course茶艺师研修班学习概述,课程内容和要求
Lesson 2. The Characters of Tea Tree 茶树基本知识
Lesson 3. Tea Classification in Theory and Practice 茶叶分类的理论与实际Lesson

4. The Top Ten Chinese Famous Tea 十大名茶赏析

Nov 9

Lesson 5. Green Tea 绿茶篇
Lesson 6. Yellow Tea 黄茶篇
Lesson 7. White Tea 白茶篇
Lesson 8. Oolong Tea 乌龙茶

Nov 23

Lesson 9. Black Tea

Lesson 10. Dark Tea

Lesson 11. Brewing Skills 茶叶冲泡技巧
Lesson 12. Evaluation&Tasting 茶叶的审评

Nov 30

Lesson 13. The History of Chinese TeaⅠ 中国茶叶的历史(上)
Lesson 14. The History of Chinese TeaⅡ 中国茶叶的历史(下)
Lesson 15. Ancient Tea Manner and Minorities Customs 中国古代礼仪、各国各民族饮茶习俗及禁忌
Lesson 16. Tea in other countries 海外茶文化

Dec 7

Lesson 17. General Introduction of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的概要
Lesson 18. Classification and Main Processing of Pu-erh 普洱茶的分类和工艺
Lesson 19. The Main Area of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶各大产区的历史及风格
Lesson 20. 4S Sensory Tasting&Evaluation 普洱茶品饮与鉴赏(4S品鉴法)

Dec 21

Lesson 21. The History of Pu-erh TeaⅠ 普洱茶叶的历史(上)Lesson 22. The History of Pu-erh TeaⅡ 普洱茶叶的历史(下)
Lesson 23. The Ancient Tea Horse Road 茶马古道
Lesson 24. Yunnan Black Tea 滇红篇

Dec 28
Lesson 25.

Tea Meditation 茶冥想
Lesson 26. Body Constitutions & Tea Drinking 人体体质与科学饮茶
Lesson 27. Designing of Tea Table Setting 茶席设计
Lesson 28. Tea Manner and Sales Terms 茶艺师基本礼仪和销售术语

Jan 11, 2020

Lesson 29. 24 Solar-term&12 Zodiac Sign 24节气与12星座Lesson 30. Chinese&West table manner 中西餐桌礼仪Lesson 31. Wine Label& Designing of Pu-erh packaging 葡萄酒酒标&普洱茶包装设计Lesson 32. Dialogue Wine and Tea 对话葡萄酒与普洱茶

Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 7, Dec 23
7 pm - 9 pm

Evaluation&Tasting 茶叶的审评

1. 6 basic types of tea六大基本茶类
2. Raw pu-erh & ripe pu-erh 生茶和熟茶的品鉴
3. Pu-erh tea from different origins各大产区普洱茶的品鉴
Chinese Tea Art, the best gift from China!

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