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Watch the Basketball World Cup [All Locations]

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All basketball fans have been anxiously anticipating this international event for some time, but the Chinese basketball fans even more so. August 31st is the start of the 18th BASKETBALL WORLD CUP, and this time it's taking place in China!

The basketball world cup is an event we ourselves don't want to miss, so we've made sure that all five O'Reilly's locations will be showing the games during the whole two weeks.

O'Reilly's Game Rules

A. 10%OFF everything when China wins;

B. Wear the colors of your team and get a 10% OFF if your team wins;

C. If one team's score goes above 100, ONE FREE SHOT for everyone

TONIGHT, CHINA PLAYS IVORY COAST at 8pm! Come watch it with us!

Watch the full game schedule HERE

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O'Reilly's Irish Pub (Beichen) • 13 Beichen Pedestrian Street

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