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Dance class: The party won't start until U walk in

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Have you ever feel embarrassed at the dance party because you think your move is not good enough?

Do you want to be as cool as those dancing queens/kings?

Come to Woo Thé on Friday and start learning&practicing!

We will have 2 classes every Friday and free dance party after.

20:00--20:40 Beginner Bachata. One of the best、easiest to start social dance.

20:50--21:30 freestyle(will teach how to listen the music, and how to follow it with basic steps. Be creative!)Perfect for bar/club dancing

Free party start from 21:30!

We are not the ones who want to make you a professional dancer, but here to help you enjoy moving~ :)
Lets partyyyyyyyy~

More info plz add wechat:Liangyan-Liu

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Woo Thé • 100 Huashan Xi Lu

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