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Weekly Thursday Language exchange

Language has always played the most important role in understanding a culture. Knowing the language not only helps you to communicate with the people there, but also helps you to understand the culture better. Since the best way of mastering a language is to use it, and to talk to native speakers regularly, we would love to hold a weekly Thursday language exchange event. Hopefully our lovely guests from all over the world could have the chance to get to know China better and simply have a great time. Meanwhile locals who are interested in English and other cultures could get to know the rest of the world from another person's personal perspective.

Each week we will choose a topic to help focus the conversation.

If you could, we would love you to prepare 10-15 sentences around it (foreigners prepare in Chinese, and Chinese people in English). Then we will pair you up, so you can help each other with the grammar, pronunciation, etc, to perfect it. Once you are ready, we could share it with the rest of the group, and have great conversation. 

BTW: We welcome the freshest beginners to advanced level students. Most importantly bring your sense of humour, so we can all have fun as we improve.

This week's topic comes from the sad news about Norde Dame:
Somewhere u have been that u really like or somewhere u have been wanted to go so bad.

Life is too short! We have to go everywhere we want to go, and love the ones we need to love. Don’t wait and yolo on~
It could be a creek behind ur house or ur secret cry place. Please be creative! Of course there is no judgement if u want to talk about a place like the great wall, but maybe something special about it[奸笑][奸笑]

Time: Thursday 19.00-21:00
Place: Woo Thé (华山西路100号, 100 West Huashan Rd)
More info please add wechat: Liangyan-Liu

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Woo Thé • 100 Huashan Xi Lu