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Coolest Language Exchange in KM

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Weekly Language exchange

Language has always played the most important role in understanding a culture. Knowing the language not only helps you to communicate with the people there, but also helps you to understand the culture better. Since the best way of mastering a language is to use it, and to talk to native speakers regularly, we would love to hold a weekly language exchange event. Hopefully our lovely guests from all over the world could have the chance to get to know China better and simply have a great time. Meanwhile locals who are interested in English and other cultures could get to know the rest of the world from another person's personal perspective.

BTW: We welcome the freshest beginners to advanced level students. Most importantly bring your sense of humor, so we can all have fun as we improve.

Time: Tuesday, Friday 19.00-21:00
More info and sign up please add wechat: Liangyan-Liu

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Ego Brewery • Qicai Junyuan, number 3 building 11