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A day out at the Yangzong Lake with new friends


Modern Market - Beautiful People ...going to market in the grass (next to the golf course)

Big tomato media. Full public WeChat post

Activity time:
10am - sunset

Yinghui Resort Hotel, Yangzong Hai, Kunming
华侨城昆明阳宗海度假区 群樱荟酒店

Activity contents:
Delicious food, fun, novelty, things worthy of trade, and there are foods that you can’t usually buy. (more on WeChat)
Activity personnel costs:
The organization does not charge fees. The counterparty collects and pays cash.
Special note:
1. Requirements on clothes for participants: exquisite, exemplary and artistic.
2. The countertops of each stall are arranged in a romantic style.
3. Welcome friends to bring children and pets to participate in the activity.
4. Please pay attention to safety, and be responsible for property and personal safety.

Free bus departure time:
Kunming high-speed railway south station, leaves at 8:40AM

At 17:30PM, back to the high speed railway south station.

Contact us on WeChat: 13116219441.

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