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Tea Salon in Saturday Morning


Hi, I am Mabol, a tea coach. I majored in Tea Science in 2001 at Huazhong Agriculture University, spent 7 years studying tea, and got my Master degree. It’s hard initially, however, just like seven-year itch, but I have totally fallen in love tea, tea has been my best friend and the most passionate life partner. Therefore, in January 2015, I established my personal studio - Discover Cha, doing tea training in colleges or some organizations, consulting, tea events, and tea tours. It’s a wonderful journey that we have gained lots of joy and friendship. What’s more, tea has achieved better me, keeping me young, smart, knowledgeable, energetic and positive.

This summer time, I designed a a course -- The Tea Art In English Junior

Course, it has 10 lessons, and I designed them in different situations, each lesson has two sections: dialogue and vocabularies, both parts are practical in your daily life.

It introduces the six types of tea and pu-erh tea generally, containing the knowledge of the origin, the brief introduction, the processing, and the brewing skill.

This course is suitable for you if you like tea, or do tea business, or study Chinese, or want to improve your Chinese simply. Of course, it requires basic Chinese skill although this course is just a start. Thanks to Thiago and Robert,who helped me with this lecture recording, so to other teachers and friends who encouraged me and supported me in accomplishing Tea Art In English version I. I will open the first door through this course for you and hope that you can continue with this wonderful tea journey.

This saturday, we are going to share this wonderful course with you, and we prepare this lecture and 100g pu-erh cake for all the participants.

The last but not the least, hope you enjoy it as much as I made it. It’s important to speak it out loudly in your daily use no matter how. After all, we all become better by making mistakes. Good luck, my friends!

If you are interested, please contact us.

Mabol(Wetchat 22849273)

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