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Culture Nov 7 – Nov 9

Contemporary Dance Workshop


Class #1 Strength and alignment (Body conditioning)
Developing your core strength is like giving yourself a body makeover: it goes beyond the surface muscles and asks a balanced development of the deep internal ones that stabilize, align and stretch the body. Simple functional exercises, inspired from natural movements, contemporary dance techniques, Pilates and Yoga, will release the tension that the body retains and allow a smooth functioning of all the joints for a healthy, pain-free posture and for increased stability in motion.   

Class#2 Moving Together
In this practical and fun workshop on partnering, the dancers/choreographers are invited to explore a range of practical tools for partnering. It is an invitation for them to learn a different way of working with a partner, a way that adapts to all movement styles and backgrounds.  The emphasis will be on the fulfillment and freedom of the movement within a clear partnering language that Bjerregaard has personally developed over the years.  

Tutor: Jana Younes
Artistic Co-Director, movie director, dancer

Jana is not only a dancer and choreographer but also a successful filmmaker and photographer. Jana’s dance life started at the age of four with ballet classes to which she added modern jazz and Argentinian tango at a later stage. She then engaged in contemporary dance that helped broadening her knowledge in present-day techniques.
She went on performing on different stages in Lebanon, the Middle East and in Europe. She also starred on the Arab version of “So you think you can dance” and made it among the four finalists.
She graduated in filmmaking from the st. Joseph University (IESAV) – Beirut after directing her worldly recognized short dance film debut, Orenda.
Her infatuation with the combination of cinema and dance had started earlier on with her short documentary “Moving philosophy” where she applied Laban Movement Analysis’ theories for the human body on the body of the camera, studying the relationship between the two. Her aspiration to break the boundaries between the spectators and the moving subject is one of her major grounds and goals.
And so do I, her freshly orchestrated short, winner of the Golden Award at the filmmakers of the year film festival, the Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards and the Directors Circle Festival of shorts, stars choreographer Jens Bjerregaard, dancer Guilia Barbone and the young Shayene Kamel.

Dates & Time:

Fee: ¥300 (Single Class)
¥780 (3Days' Classes)


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Wuyan Wuyu Dance • 10 Naijiawan Lu (inside the Naijiawan Modern Art Center)