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Live music 8:30pm 100 yuan

香料 Spice


香料 Spice

Like the word – which brings to mind a sensual experience that draws on aromas, flavors, fun and energy, Spice’s music is possessed with an erratic psychedelic energy that invigorates listeners, bringing them to life. Each of the band members brings a bold and distinctive skillset to the table. Chen ChenChen (陈陈陈) an experimental electronic musician and guitar virtuoso creates the musical motives, Little Drummer (鼓手小) shapes the musical framework of the music by drawing on his sound engineering expertise, and Yī Lái - a professional studio musician - rounds the trio off. Brace yourselves for a new breed of post-rock that draws on math rock, dance music, and shoegazing vibes.

Tickets: 80-100 yuan

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Mao Livehouse (Tongde) • 928 Beijing Lu, Tongde Plaza, Yuehui Fang