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Exhibition : Dear McDonald's, Chessboard Mt

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It's a exhibition called Dear McDonald's, Chessboard Mt. We invite everyone who are interested in art and a inspired relaxation place. The exhibition on Saturday will feature paintings done on the mountain, and a reading.

Dear McDonald's is a series of three zines, paintings, and story inspired by a bike trip through South Asia.

The boss of MuYu Bakery & Cafe offers his recently opened cafe/residence, located beside Sanjiacun Lake, Chessboard Mt, Xishan Area) as a venue. It's a very nice relaxed place for people.
Come and Enjoy drinks, pizza, and bread made in a wood burning oven, and a campfire. Rooms are available.

Here is the invitation

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Muyu Cafe and Guesthouse • Baohua Lu, near Qipanshan National Forest Park