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TenWest Shuoba: Taiji class太极拳课

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TenWest will organize a Chinese cultural activities class: A Yang Family Taiji class on April 27th at 17:00. The location is at TenWest Language school. it is open for all Chinese language learners and free admission. 4月27日下午5点英海学校提供免费全英文杨氏太极拳课程。

Tai Ji is an ancient Chinese internal martial art system, which combines profound principles, theories and martial art techniques. The slow, soft and continuously flowing movements appear mysterious on the surface. However, it is the cultivation of one's internal energy, mind and the physical body that make it so unique and challenging. To generate relaxation, Tai Ji practice requires a deep level of concentration and a focused mind, thus allowing the mind to lead and guide the body's energy.

Tai Ji is not only a martial art but has also been widely acknowledged as being an effective health exercise. Whether Tai Ji is practiced for health, as athletic sport or martial art it takes time, patience and qualitative practice to develop Tai Ji's internal properties. To achieve a high standard in Tai Ji training is a highly complex process.

On April 27th, we will have a very excellent teacher coming to TenWest to give a Tai Ji class, her name is Cynthia Frusha from Yang Family Tai Chi Asia Pacific Region Headquarters located here in Kunming.

Cynthia is a certified associate instructor with the International Yang Family Tai Ji Association.

In America Cynthia was teaching 23 Yang Family Tai Ji classes a month.

She also has a

Bachelors Degree in Biology from the University of Mississippi. Tai Ji Chuan had a very powerful effect on her life both physically and mentally.

She wanted to progress faster and learn as much as possible of Yang Family Tai Ji, Chinese philosophy and culture. In February of 2017, Cynthia came to Kunming China to train at the Yang Family Tai Ji Asia Pacific Region Headquarters.

Cynthia said to me, Tai Ji is also a friend for life.

It draws on Traditional Chinese medicine, yin yang theory and 5 elements theory.

Yang Family Tai Ji is practiced slowly, smoothly and evenly with large flowing movements.

It is graceful and very powerful.

So powerful it is said that “4 ounces can deflect 1000 pounds”.

At a high level of skill, a defender can use a small amount of energy to neutralize a far greater external force of an attacker.

In order to practice properly one must follow the 10 Essential Principles and understand the idea of keeping the acupuncture meridians and channels open throughout the body allowing qi energy to flow smoothly. So, it is important to find a good instructor!

For her, she learns something new every day in practice. By training from Yang Laoshi and Zheng Laoshi, Cynthia won a First Place medal at the Yang Family Shanxi International Tai Ji competition last year.

If you are interested, welcome to join us on April 27th,17:00-19:00 in Ten West.

Location: TenWest Language School, 8th Floor, Carnival Building A, Linyu Road.

(Take subway blue line 2 to Linyuqiao Station, get out from Exit A and walk one block west to the Carnival building on northwest corner of Linyu Road and Panlong River)

TenWest organizes a series of cultural activities every semester to improve international students’ Chinese language skills. These cultural activities, called 说吧(Shuoba),have been running over the past two years and are open to all Chinese language learners.

We host two 说吧(Shuoba) events every month and post them at least one week in advance, on GoKunming, Facebook, and TenWestWeChat public account. You will get information about when and where the event will be held. so please subscribe our Facebook and WeChat to get the latest information.

This Spring Semester 说吧(Shuoba)starts from March to June2018.

We are glad to take any suggestions or ideas from you to improve 说吧(Shuoba).

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