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Activity Nov 17 – Nov 19 500 yuan

Music Production Course 制作音乐课程

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You love electronic music? Want to get into production yourself but don't know where to start? Or are you already a producer and want to deepen your knowledge and get new ideas? Then check out the first class of our music production course series - Synthesis!

You'll spend the whole weekend learning about one of the most important aspects of electronic music production! Starting from the very basics, you'll eventually be able to generate your own unique sounds for any style! Taught in English and Chinese by GoaProductions and Spirit Tribe founder and experienced industry professional Atoned Splendor, our synthesis course is perfectly suited to anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned producer.

All classes are held in small groups customized and limited to a small number of students! At our music production studio, you'll aquire your skills using professional, state-of-the-art equipment - all included in the course fee of only 500 RMB for the whole weekend!

The course is taught from Friday, November 17th to Sunday November 19th in the Spirit Tribe studio which, besides the beautiful valley also hosts the headquarters of China's biggest, most active and most dedicated Psytrance record label - GoaProductions. You'll spend the whole weekend fully immersed into music, surrounded by like-minded producers and DJs with strong ties to China's electronic music scene!

Get in touch with us, RSVP today and prepare yourself for an intense musical weekend!

音乐制作人Atoned Solendor (Peter Donaldson)是GoaProductions和Spirit Tribe的创始人之一。三岁学习大提琴,六岁开始弹钢琴。之后他的经历也都没有离开过音乐,先后在伦敦的Flying Rhino、Fire Recordings和TipRecords唱片公司都有过工作经验。2011 - 2013年Pete在摩登天空担任电子音乐部门的主任。他的艺人项目Atoned Splendor已经在GoaProductions, Darcu, Aphid Records, YSE, Maharetta和BMSS旗下发布过音乐。2014年,Atoned Splendor受邀前往Ozora音乐节演出。

Producer Atoned Splendor, (Peter Donaldson), one of the founders of GoaProductions and Spirit Tribe, started playing the cello at age three and then the piano at age six. He worked for Flying Rhino records in London, then Fire Recordings and eventually TipRecords. From 2011-2013 Pete was head of electronic music at Modern Sky Entertainment. Under his Atoned Splendor moniker he has released music on GoaProductions, Dacru, Aphid Records, YSE, Maharetta and BMSS and has played gigs spanning across the globe, including Europe, Australia and South America.

涵盖的课程主题//Course itinerary

周五17号//Friday 17th
Introduction lecture to synthesis
Equipment installation

周六18号//Saturday 18th
Studio basics and synthesiser setup
·Subtractive synthesis 减法合成法
o Oscillators
o Waveforms
o Filters,
o Modulators (LFOs, Envelopes)

周日19号//Sunday 19th
·Patch Creation
o Single Osc sounds
o Sync Sounds
·Musical Use
o Bass
o Leads
o Pads
o FX

学费和要求须知//Fees and requirements

课程的学费是500元/人,包括所有需要的软件和控制器,但是不包括电脑!自备电脑——可以安装最新Logic Pro X或Ableton Live的软件。所有食物饮料在灵族吧台另行购买。另外住宿,床位(80元/晚)或者露营过夜(30/晚,如果要租露营设备50/晚)。

The workshop fee for each student is 500 RMB. This includes all necessary software and hardware except for computers! You must bring your own computer, and it must be compatible with the latest versions of Logic Pro X or Ableton Live.

Food, drinks and snacks will be provided by the Spirit Tribe bar and are not included in the workshop fee. You can stay overnight in our dorms (100RMB/night) or at our camp grounds (30/night, 50 for full camping gear rental) at Spirit Tribe.

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你深爱电子音乐,想开始音乐制作,但不知道从哪里开始?或者你已经是制作人,想深化你的知识并获得新的想法?关注我们的音乐制作课程系列的第一课 - 合成!

只需一个周末的课程,了解电子音乐制作中最重要的部分之一;从基础开始,将能够为任何类型的电子音乐衍生出独特的声音! GoaProductions唱片公司的领衔人物,经验丰富的音乐人Atoned Splendor以英文和中文授课,我们的合成课程适合从初学者到有经验的制作人。

课程从11月17日星期五到11月19日星期日在灵族村的音乐制作工作室进行。除坐落于美丽的山谷之外,还拥有中国最大,最活跃,也最专业的心灵昭示标签 -



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