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TenWest Shuoba 说吧 (Chinese Corner) will restart for the Fall semester on Sep 6th, 2017, until January 31th, 2018. It will be held every Wednesday evening, from 19:30 to 21:00. This is our 2nd year of running our Shuoba. The shuoba is open for every Chinese learner whose Chinese is a second language and it is a free admission. The purpose of our Shuoba is to provide an opportunity and space to practice Chinese and Chinese culture in a relaxed and informal setting. Each Wednesday evening, TenWest teachers will prepare discussions, games, Q&A's, and other cultural activities for the student’s. You may check Tenwest WeChat Public account: TENWEST英海学校 to find out the Shuoba topic or activity a week in advance. Don't forget to bring a friend or two!

During the fall 2017 semester, there are two holidays, one is Chinese National holiday, and the other is Christmas. So our Shuoba说吧 will be close on those days, October 4th, and December 27th. Though the Shuoba is free, we think you will find the quality of out instructors to be well educated and qualified professionals! Headmaster Albert Yang has studied English for twenty years, lived in the United States for four years, and acquired his bachelor's and master's degrees from American universities. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Yang has worked with foreigners in the educational realm. Each teacher at TenWest is handpicked by Mr. Yang based on cross-cultural experience, teaching credentials, and knowledge of the English language. For instance, our teachers have lived and taught in Thailand, Mozambique, and have led educational tours to the United States; they have extensive experience teaching in universities throughout China; and all of them have Chinese teaching degrees from Chinese universities.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact Headmaster Yang at or via mobile phone at 137-5919-0098. TenWest Language School is located at The Carnival Building, Tower A near the intersection of Beijing Road and Linyu Road. The Chinese address is: 昆明市北市区霖雨路嘉年华A座8楼. If you have any trouble finding the school, Mr. Yang will be answering prior to Shuoba to direct to the right location.

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