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Drinks 6:00pm 99 yuan

All You Can Drink - American Craft Beer [ALL PUBS]

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As a fellow friend of O'Reilly's you'll surely remember the FIRESTONE beers we introduced to you to last year. Well guess what, we're bringing them back this weekend!

This Saturday night, O'Reilly's will bring all you beer lovers the best deal in town on American Craft beers FIRESTONE WALKER! All night in our three locations, enjoy ALL YOU CAN DRINK "FIRESTONE WALKER" (bottled beer) for 99RMB only!

If you don't know them yet, here are more info about the three FIRESTONE beers we'll be bringing this Friday. Wechat article

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O'Reilly's Irish Pub • Beer Garden (Dongfeng) • 52 Dongfeng Dong Lu (next to the Kunming Hotel)

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